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Millions of Americans suffer from nasal and sinus problems due to allergies. Many have adjusted to their discomfort and see no hope for relief. But Comprehensive ENT can help you breathe easy and overcome issues stemming from nasal allergies, even if medications have failed you in the past.

Learn more about the most common nasal and sinus conditions treated by Dr. Shimoura.

Nasal Allergies

Dr. Steven Shimoura has extensive training in nasal allergy evaluation and management. Specific recommendations can then be made for avoiding or reducing exposure to these allergens.

Dr. Shimoura will perform a thorough evaluation to determine if the congestion and discharge may be from non-allergic causes, as well. A symptom-specific approach is then used to treat the allergy complaints and provide safe and effective control of even the worst allergy symptoms.

Simple office-based procedures can also be used to correct difficult-to-control allergy congestion.

Endoscopic turbinate reduction can be performed in about 15 minutes. This painless procedure shrinks the turbinate back to its normal size so you can breathe freely again. There is no need to miss time from work or school, and the results are often amazing.

Septoplasty for small spurs that frequently block the nasal entrance can also be easily performed as a simple office-based procedure under local anesthetic.

Balloon sinus dilation (sinuplasty) allows blocked sinus drainage pathways to be enlarged, permanently alleviating persistent sinus problems. This procedure is also performed in the office.

Non-allergic Rhinitis Management

Some of the most frustrated patients are those who have suffered from allergies their whole life just to be told when they finally get tested that they don't have any allergies. This group of patients has a disease called non-allergic rhinitis. They suffer with all the same complaints of nasal congestion, pressure, sinus pain, and runny nose, but they are not reacting to common allergens.

These patients typically are responding to changes in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and other environmental changes such as pollution. Sometimes this is combined with true allergic rhinitis, making the patient suffer by two different mechanisms. These non-allergic patients require a different approach to be successfully managed.

Certain topical medications have been developed specifically to assist these patients. Some of the standard allergy medications can be helpful as well. Many times the patient suffers from nasal obstruction and sinus headache that will not respond to any medications. These patients will often get significant relief with office-based turbinate reduction and balloon sinuplasty techniques, which Dr. Shimoura performs in-office.

Chronic Nasal Congestion / Sinusitis

Many different problems can contribute to your stuffy nose. Finding and fixing those problems is what we do every day. From a hard-to-find deviated septum to fungal allergies, our patients know that Dr. Shimoura will help get to the source of their chronic sinusitis and provide prompt, effective treatment.

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