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Comprehensive ENT offers advanced care of the ear. From external cosmetic correction of enlarged ears or ear lobe repair, to microsurgery of the inner ear to correct hearing disorders, Dr. Steven Shimoura is highly trained and experienced in caring for patients of all ages in the Olney and Columbia, Maryland area.

Common disorders of the ear that we treat include:

Hearing Care

Whether the patient is a newborn that has failed a hearing screening or a geriatric patient needing hearing aids, we have all the services you require in one location.

Hearing loss can negatively affect the psychological and physical well-being of both children and adults. In fact, prompt detection of hearing loss, along with the appropriate intervention, is critical to speech, language, and cognitive development in hearing-impaired children. In adults, hearing loss can cause insecurity, frustration, anger, confusion, and isolation.

Comprehensive ENT’s audiology services include:

  • Comprehensive hearing exams for all ages – infants to older adults
  • Neonatal hearing testing with oto-acoustic emission testing
  • Advanced name-brand digital hearing aids from leading manufacturers
  • Assistance with central auditory processing issues
  • Cleanings, adjustments, and repairs of hearing aids done in-office
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) testing

Hearing Aids

Comprehensive ENT offers a wide array of hearing aids. With the addition of new computer processors and “open-style fittings,” today’s hearing instruments can achieve very high satisfaction rates among patients.

In addition to these instruments fitting very comfortably, they now are able to help most people follow conversation in the presence of background noise. There are also many wireless options today available via Bluetooth technology. These hearing aids will provide a comfortable fit and excellent sound quality, allowing you to go about your day and enjoy the sound environments you are in. Don’t wait another day to find out what this new technology can do for you.

Dizziness/Imbalance Care

Do you experience episodes of dizziness or imbalance? If you do, you are not alone. Dizziness is the second most common reason someone visits their family doctor.The balance system is very complex and as a result, symptoms may vary greatly. Some people describe a sensation of “feeling off balance” or “light headed.” Other people experience a true sense of vertigo (vertigo is the illusion that your surroundings are moving). These symptoms may last for hours at a time or only a few seconds, and they may or may not be related to movement or position change.

Obtaining the correct cause for your dizziness requires a thorough evaluation. Dr. Shimoura at Comprehensive ENT is specially trained in balance evaluation and treatment. We will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the ear and balance system, and coordinate the patient's care with other specialties that may be involved in the evaluation. Many times cardiology, neurology, and medical evaluation may be required.

Dr. Shimoura uses advanced microscopic evaluation of the ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear cavity. Any wax that blocks the canal can be painlessly removed. We may order an MRI as well to evaluate for abnormalities of the brain that may cause dizziness.

Our full-service balance services include:

  • Comprehensive evaluation by a board-certified ear physician
  • Hearing testing to evaluate for associated hearing loss
  • The latest in minimally invasive treatments to restore your sense of balance


Tinnitus is a condition in which a person perceives sound that is not actually present in the environment. Tinnitus can sound differently to different people. It’s often described as ringing in the ears, buzzing, whooshing, hissing, or cricket sounds. 

In most cases tinnitus is related to damage in the auditory system, which may or may not include hearing loss. Sometimes a single event, a medication, or a condition unrelated to the hearing system can trigger tinnitus.

Dr. Shimoura will evaluate both your hearing and tinnitus to determine whether a treatable medical condition is present. Fortunately, tinnitus can almost always be treated and its symptoms can be improved, in most cases through sound therapy.

Sound therapy is an effective tool for treating tinnitus and is customizable to each patient’s needs. Sound therapy is accomplished through S-Tones, which are designed to produce synchronized, robust neural activity in the auditory cortex and suppress the tinnitus, leading to tinnitus symptom relief. 

The auditory cortex is the part of your brain that processes and makes you aware of sound. Suppression is a physiologic process where patterned sounds can modulate the activity of the auditory cortex and interrupt tinnitus generation.

Don’t put off your hearing and ear problems. Call Comprehensive ENT today for your preferred appointment. You can reach us at (301) 570-1333 in Olney, Maryland, or call us at (410) 740-0072 in Columbia.