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Don’t be Tempted by Bargain Hearing Aids

There is a broad price range for hearing aids.  Ads for hearing aids can be found everywhere.  You may have seen them on TV, on the Internet, and in magazines.  Does price make a difference in the quality of a hearing aid?  Yes, state researchers.  They warn consumers not to be tempted by bargain hearing aids.

A study in the American Journal of Audiology evaluated the quality of low and high cost hearing aids.  They found that the low-cost (below $100) hearing aids did not meet fitting requirements and could actually harm hearing.  Hearing aids costing $100-$500 were safe but lacked effectiveness since they were not properly fitted by a hearing professional. 
For safe effective hearing aids, a consumer’s best bet is to discuss cost concerns with their doctor and purchase quality hearing aids that are fitted especially for them.
The bottom line:  It is not a good idea to bargain shop for hearing aids.

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